[TWICE] Double VLive Session From Japan

TWICE know that all ONCE are good at multitasking and they never fail to challenge their fans with multiple surprise V Live sessions at the same time!

Today, Sana was the first to go live and Nayeon and Momo followed soon with a second video. The group is currently in Japan for an undisclosed event and according to a little spoiler from Tzuyu, they are bound to go back to Korea really soon.

Sana spent around 25 minutes reading fans’ comments both in Japanese and Korean. A fan straight up asked for a next comeback spoiler but Sana wasn’t having it. Guess we’ll have to wait for JYPE to release the official teasers for both the Korean and Japanese comeback.

Later on, another fan asked about Sana spending her time off with Jeongyeon and her family in Seoul.

She explained that she’s been going there a lot recently and that every time she walks their poodle Nanan with Jeogyeon and stays for a meal later. Given the fact that Jeongyeon’s father is a famous chef, we totally understand why Sana likes visiting them so much.

So, is it Minatozaki Sana or Yoo Sana now?

And in case you still haven’t seen this photo of Sana, Momo and Tzuyu visiting the Yoo family back in July, we’ve got you covered:

Meanwhile, Nayeon and Momo held their own V Live broadcast from the other side of the room. Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Jihyo joined them soon after and the usual mess followed right away.

Would it be a TWICE’s video without them dropping the phone at least ten times during the V Live?

At some point Tzuyu joined her unnies and greeted the fans briefly. Then everyone suddenly started leaving and the maknae tried saying something meaningful to ONCE but she almost ended up spoiling the time of their flight before Momo stopped her. Just a normal TWICE video, right?

Have a safe flight back, TWICE!

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