TWICE Drop New Japanese Album Medley

On October 30, at midnight KST, TWICE shared a medley video of their upcoming Japanese album &TWICE.

The group has already performed “What You Waiting For” (Track 6) and “The Reason Why” (Track 10) for the audience in Sapporo and Chiba (more on that here), but this is the first time that we get to hear the rest of the new songs.

Track 2: “Stronger”

“Stronger” brings a powerful beat and we certainly hope that the girls are planning to include this song in their setlist for future concerts!

Track 4: “Changing!”

This B-side is as powerful as the previous one, but with a lighter and more cheerful vibe.

Track 6: “What You Waiting For”

We simply can’t stop thinking about Chaeyoung’s lines here:

Pretty girl, show them what you really are made of, girl...
Track 7: “Be OK”

Does this song contain a message similar to “Feel Special”? We’ll have to wait and see once TWICE release the official lyrics.

Track 8: “POLISH”

The beat of this song gives off a summery feeling that fits so well with the rest of the tracks on the album.

Track 9: “How u doin'”

Finally, we got to hear the first track that our “baby beast” Chaeyoung helped compose! According to Chaeyoung, the ninth track on the album is a break-up song but with a happy ending, and that’s exactly what it sounds like.

Track 10: “The Reason Why”

Another song that the group performed in Sapporo and Chiba, “The Reason Why” brings us calmer, almost nostalgic vibes…

The remaining tracks on the album include TWICE’s previous releases: “HAPPY HAPPY”, “Breakthrough” and “Fake & True”.

The album will be released on November 20, so stay tuned!
ONCE, what is your favorite song so far?

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