TWICE Foreign Line Leaves Korea To Spend Chuseok With Family

TWICE’s foreign line left Korea yesterday, September 12, in order to get some rest and spend Chuseok with their family and friends. Korean members also got a few days off and the group is planning to resume the comeback preparations after the holidays.

Tzuyu was the first to leave yesterday morning and just look at her being all sunshine and rainbows at the airport. We know that she can’t wait to see her family and play with Gucci again. (We might or might not be waiting for some TzuCci photos on Twicetagram).

Not long after the maknae left, Momo and Sana appeared at Incheon Airport. Momo specifically said in an interview that she can’t wait to eat all the delicious food during their break. Did we expect anything else from TWICE’s biggest foodie?

You can see their video below:

* JYPE hasn’t issued any additional statement about Mina but a fan reportedly spotted her leaving for Japan on a different flight. According to his post, the reporters respected her privacy this time and no photos were leaked. If that really is the case, we totally support this approach! Hopefully, all the members will get plenty of rest before they return to Korea.

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