TWICE Get 2nd Win For “Feel Special”

Yesterday, October 2, TWICE got their first music show win during these comeback promotions, and just now, they won again on M Countdown.

This means that the Nation’s Girl Group now has a total of 92 trophies under their belt. For a full list of their music show wins, check out this article.

The girls were nominated for first place along with AKMU, but ultimately they took the trophy with a total of 8815 points.

The girls ended today’s performance with their signature ending pose from “Heart Shaker” and Tzuyu and Dahyun hugged each other.

While we’re waiting for M Countdown to upload the video of today’s stage, check out the members’ selfies that were taken before the episode aired.

Right after the show ended, TWICE took to their official Twitter account to thank all ONCEs for their support:

You can see the video of today’s performance here:

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