TWICE Get 3rd Win For “Feel Special” On Music Bank K-Pop Concert In Gangneung

On October 4, KBS held their 11th annual Music Bank K-Pop Concert in the Gangneung Olympic Park. The show was hosted by regular Music Bank MCs: actress Shin Yeeun and Golden Child’s Bomin.

TWICE went on stage for the first time to perform their smash hit FANCY.  Even though the song was released back in April and TWICE have recently come back with a new track, the iconic “FANCY” is still going strong on the Music Bank song chart, as it’s currently ranked at No. 14.

Here is the list of the rest of tonight’s performances, including video links:

Finally, TWICE returned to close the concert with their latest title track Feel Special. They appeared like true fairies in beautiful baby pink outfits.

Despite being nominated for first place with the tough competitors AKMU, TWICE still took home their third trophy for “Feel Special” with a total of 8,821 points, making this their 93rd win overall!

After the broadcast ended, the members stayed on the stage for a little while longer to celebrate today’s victory by giving each other kisses and singing with the fans in the audience. During their thank-you speech, the girls mentioned Mina once again and we too can’t wait for her to recover and join the remaining eight members on stage again.

You can watch a fancam of TWICE members giving each other kisses here:

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Are we going for that 100th win soon?🧐

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