TWICE Get Well-Deserved Rest + Sana & Tzuyu Travel Home

TWICE are finally having some time off!

Last year was the busiest one for TWICE so far, and 2020 started with Momo‘s dating rumor confirmed, Nayeon‘s stalker and Jihyo getting backlash over a remark made through VLive chat. Despite all the pressure, the girls made sure to let ONCE know how much they mean to them and Jihyo in particular left a heartfelt message for the fans, saying:

There hasn’t been even one moment when the nine of us weren’t sincere [in front of ONCE]. There wasn’t a moment when we didn’t cherish you and we were able to overcome [many hardships] thanks to you. I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it alone – you’re really precious [to us].

Yesterday (Jan. 6), ONCE decided to show the girls they had nothing to apologize for and that true fans support them. The fans trended the hashtag #Always_With_TWICE, soon making it trend at no 5. worldwide.

Many have also demanded JYPE give the girls some time off following all the busy schedules and recent events, and finally, Sana was spotted at the airport leaving for Japan yesterday.

Earlier today, Tzuyu was also spotted on her way to Taiwan, confirming that TWICE have indeed been given some time off.

According to the official schedule, the girls don’t have anything scheduled for the remainder of January and will hopefully get plenty of rest.

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