[TWICE Idol Room] Momo Teaches Managers How To Dance & Diss Battle

Following yesterday’s “Feel Special” comeback, TWICE appeared on Idol Room ep. 69 today.

The girls have often been guests on the show and that earned them some benefits. Last time, Sana and Dahyun said that they would appreciate some custom Idol Room merch and Doni and Coni simply couldn’t resist their aegyo. That is why this time, TWICE were spotted leaving the SBS’ building with special Idol Room umbrellas

But, let’s see what happened on the show!

Do you still remember that time when Momo held a VLive and taught their managers the choreography to “FANCY”? Well, the MCs apparently remember it because the four managers soon joined the girls in the studio. 

They had no choice but to demonstrate their dancing skills along with their dance instructor Momo. But Doni and Coni didn’t let them off the hook easily; after dancing to “FANCY” Momo started teaching them the “Feel Special” choreography

At some point, the MCs organized a diss battle between the members. The girls had to confront Jihyo but the leader effectively beat them all with her badass attitude and authority. A leader indeed! 

In the end, the girls sent Tzuyu, the giant maknae, to try and challenge Jihyo. She tried her best when she said:Unnie, you see me as a giant, is it because you’re that short?”, but she was just too cute and no one took her seriously, let alone intimidating. In the end, Jihyo was proclaimed winner.

Lastly, Doni and Coni made TWICE reenact their legendary “hanger scene” that the girls had shown in a Vlive broadcast last year. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check out the sixth photo in Momo’s IG post below:

TWICE’s comedian line – Tzuyu, Momo and Dahyun – tried walking around the studio with hangers in their clothes, and you can see how that went in the photo below:

TWICE are planning to perform “Feel Special” already this Thursday, on M Countdown, so stay tuned for updates!

In the meanwhile, you can read more about “Feel Special” here, and if you still haven’t seen Chaeyoung’s latest tattoo, we’ve got an article on that too.

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