[TWICE] Jeongyeon’s Q&A Session With ‘Marie Claire’

Jeongyeon has been featured in the November issue of Marie Claire Korea and today, November 5, the magazine released a short video of their Q&A session with the TWICE member.

The first question Jeongyeon received was: “In the past three months, who did you talk to the most?”
While we thought that the answer would be her fellow members, Jeongyeon revealed that she actually talks to her mom a lot, and they tend to talk for a long time when she calls her. She also added:

I don’t think my mom pays a lot of attention to her health, so I keep nagging her to take medicine all the time.

Then she talked about how happy she was to have a comeback after almost six months (since TWICE’s comeback with “FANCY” in April), and that a song that she’s been listening to a lot recently is Post Malone’s “Circles”.

She was also asked to name one thing that she’s decided to do recently but failed to do.
Jeongyeon burst out laughing and replied hat she decided to go on a diet, but ultimately failed to stick to the dieting plan.

Then she was asked to show off a favorite photo that she has taken recently and Jeongyeon showed a selfie taken backstage at a music show during their “Feel Special” promotions.

You can see the selfie she was talking about by swiping right below (photo #5).

If you want to read more about Jeongyeon, click here!

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