[TWICE] Jeongyeon’s VLive & Mina’s ‘Stranger Things’ Lego Set

On November 1, TWICE’s Jeongyeon turned 23 and decided to celebrate her special day with ONCE.

Jeongyeon held a two-hour long broadcast on V LIVE, during which she revealed many details and fun facts about herself and her fellow members.

After she reminisced about their trainee days and the hardships they all endured before debut, Jeongyeon went on to describe what some TWICE members have been into lately.

Apparently, Mina, who is still focusing on her recovery, spends a lot of time in their dorm and the members often keep her company. Not long ago, Mina bought a +2000 piece Stranger Things lego set and put it all together in less than two days. After Jeongyeon mentioned that in her  broadcast, Mina posted a selfie with the Lego set on the group’s official IG account on November 4:

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Other than that, the members also revealed that Mina, Momo, and Tzuyu recently watched movies together, so it’s nice to hear that they have some time to relax in between the concerts. Jeongyeon also revealed all nine members got together to celebrate her birthday and the party continued until 5 am the next day.

TWICE are about to continue their “TWICELIGHTS” tour on November 6 in Osaka, so stay tuned for more updates.

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