TWICE Leave For Japan + Comeback Date Possibly Leaked

Earlier today, August 25, TWICE were spotted at Gimpo Airport on their way to Japan. The group is scheduled to hold a Hi-Touch event for “Breakthrough” in Chiba today and in Osaka on August 27. The girls are also set to appear on Shibuya Note on August 26 in Tokyo. Such a busy schedule for the “Nation’s Girl Group”!

You can check out their arrival at Gimpo Airport in the video below. It seems like Tzuyu still didn’t get used to having bangs – just take a look at that cute moment at 02:12 where Nayeon was fixing her bangs and the maknae was totally enjoying it! 

Fans also got alarmed earlier today when an online store in Japan started taking pre-orders of TWICE’s 8th mini album before the official comeback date was even revealed. It is still unclear whether this was a mistake or if the group’s comeback is really set for September 16. So far, no official statement has been issued but many ONCEs are convinced that we will indeed be getting the long-awaited comeback in just three weeks. 

ONCEs, what do you think the next comeback concept will be like? 

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