TWICE Members Credited For 21 Songs In Total

TWICE might have risen to fame thanks to all the catchy parts of their title songs that went viral, but did you know that with each new comeback the girls write more and more B-sides all by themselves?

Fans were impressed earlier this week when JYP Entertainment revealed that all the new B-sides on Feel Special album were written or co-written by the members. You can find a detailed rundown of that album here and all the comeback teasers in our Comeback Countdown article: Part 1 & Part 2. 

But for now, while we’re waiting for Mina’s teaser, let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane and take a look at all the songs written by our nine girls:

Chaeyoung might be a part of the maknae line, but she was actually the first to write lyrics less than a year after the group debuted. Her “Precious Love” made it to their Page Two mini album back in 2016. The baby beast then went on to write six more songs, including “Strawberry” from TWICE’s latest album – Fancy You – and the girls even performed the song during their “TWICELIGHTS” world tour.

Next up is Jihyo who added five songs to the group’s discography. “Eye Eye Eyes”, which she co-wrote with Chaeyoung, found its place on their fourth mini album Signal in 2017 and we can’t wait to hear her new song “Get Loud” on September 23!

Jeongyeon contributed to three songs – “Love Line” from Twicetagram (2017), “Sweet Talker” from What is Love? and “LaLaLa” from TWICE’s sixth mini album Yes or Yes. 

J-line came together to write “Shot Thru The Heart” for Summer Nights last year, while Sana and Momo also wrote “Turn It Up” and “Hot”, respectively. 

Dahyun participated in creating the rap lines for “Missing U” back in 2017 but we will get to hear the first song our Dubu wrote all by herself already this month. 

Tzuyu said that, although she came up with her own lyrics before, the parts haven’t been chosen yet by the company. That is why we were overjoyed when JYP Entertainment revealed that the song “21:29” from the new album will contain lyrics written by all members.

Here is a list of all the songs written or co-written by TWICE members (Feel Special album not included):

Nayeon – 1 
“24/7” – Twicetagram

Jeongyeon – 3 
“Love Line” – Twicetagram
“Sweet Talker” – What is Love?“LaLaLa” – Yes or Yes

Momo – 2
“Shot Thru The Heart” – Summer Nights
“Hot” – Fancy You

Jihyo – 5
“Eye Eye Eyes” – Signal
“24/7” – Twicetagram
“Ho!” – What is Love?
“Sunset” – Yes or Yes
“Girls Like Us” – Fancy You

Mina – 1
“Shot Thru The Heart” – Summer Nights

Dahyun – 1
“Missing U” – Twicetagram

Chaeyoung – 7
“Precious Love” – Page Two
“Missing U” – Twicetagram
“Eye Eye Eyes” – Signal 
“Don’t Give Up” – Twicetagram
“Sweet Talker” – What is Love?
“Young & Wild” – Yes or Yes“Strawberry” – Fancy You

Do you think that we will get a title song written by the members in one of their future comebacks?

*This article focuses on TWICE members and their contribution to the group’s discography. Other songwriters who co-wrote some of the songs listed here are not specifically mentioned.

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