TWICE Members Leave Touching Messages For Each Other During Music Show

TWICE held their “Feel Special” comeback stage on today’s episode of Mnet’s M Countdown

Before going on stage, the group held a small fan meeting segment with the ONCEs who came to support them.

This comeback is special to the group for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s the first time all nine members took part in writing lyrics for one song. The girls came together to write “21:29”, a song dedicated to ONCEs. This track delivers a powerful message of gratitude for all the support that the fans have shown for TWICE so far.

Also, the past few months must have been extremely draining for the group, even more so mentally that physically, as Mina announced her withdrawal from the group’s activities due to her struggles with anxiety. 

JYP Entertainment had been giving vague and short statements regarding Mina’s health condition until her participation in this comeback and the music video filming was confirmed when her teasers came out. 

It was revealed that Mina had successfully completed her part of the recording thanks to the members who were behind her all the way during this difficult period. She will not, however, participate in any of the comeback promotions.

Right before TWICE went on stage to perform “Feel Special” for the first time (since their showcase), a short clip with their thank-you messages to each other was displayed.

Here is the translation of each member’s note:

Let’s stay healthy during this comeback period and let’s have fun with ONCEs while promoting


To my lovely members: thank you for always giving me strength. I love you!


Thanks for always being with me and giving me strength. Let’s always stay healthy and happy!


Teudoongies! Let’s make sure we don’t get hurt and let’s be happy together – all nine of us!


Let us treasure this comeback and stay healthy while promoting~


I smile again because you’re there. Feel special, TWICE!


Let’s make sure all nine of us stay healthy!


Finally, Tzuyu drew a huge heart and wrote:

To Teudoongies, thank you! A lot~

You can see the messages appear on screen right before their performance starts in this video:

It seems that all members just wish to be healthy and be able to continue performing as a group for a long time.

We hope that Mina recovers fully before joining TWICE’s activities because the girls left a clear message today: #NineOrNone! 

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