TWICE Members Reveal Special Meaning Behind Next Album

JYP Entertainment sure knows how to stir things up in the fandom, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since the first comeback teaser came out on September 9. And as if all the videos and photos weren’t enough, TWICE members also revealed the hidden meanings behind their upcoming songs.

In an interview with Celuv.TV at 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards, some of TWICE members gave hints about the new music. 

Tzuyu thanked the fans for always supporting them and said that the new songs will give strength to anyone who listens to them, even if they are not fans. Jeongyeon added that they wanted to express their gratitude to ONCE through the album and Chaeyoung agreed with her, saying that the fans will be very touched by the meaning behind the new songs.

Later on, Park Jinyoung revealed how he came up with the idea for the title song “Feel Special”.

According to the founder of JYPE the song conveys the feeling of “suddenly feeling afraid and wanting to give up but someone’s caring words comfort you and help you get back on track”.

Is that why Nayeon said in one of her recent V Lives that the song can’t be described easily and that it brings all kinds of feelings when you listen to it? Also, can you imagine a choreography that would go well with the descriptions we’ve heard so far? We’re very curious to hear the song and watch the MV on September 23. 

Apart from “Feel Special”, TWICE members also spoiled “21:29” a bit.

The track #6 is the first song written exclusively by all TWICE members and that fact alone is enough to know that the song holds a special meaning to the members, and will no doubt mean a lot to the fans as well. 

The girls said that they wrote the song as a thank-you message for all the fans after reading the letters from ONCE.

Aren’t TWICE always so thoughtful? 

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