TWICE Members Tease Fans Ahead Of Comeback

After JYP Entertainment shared the first teaser for “Feel Special” just yesterday (September 9), TWICE members immediately started teasing fans on their own as well.

The savage maknae kicked it off with a set of selfies and a funny caption on their official Instagram account:

“ONCE, you’ve been asking for spoilers in the comment section of V Live app. I know that you want to meet as fast as possible; I feel that way too. Let me give you a few spoilers… Oops, I shouldn’t do that actually.🤭🤫”

Next up was our “Shy shy shy” girl Sana, and her post caused a total frenzy among fans as well as fellow celebrities! Sunmi even joined the discussion in the comment section. But, let’s start with the teasing caption, shall we?

Sana posted the following selfies with a question for fans: “I’ve been wondering…do you have any ideas for our merchandise?”

It seems that she was in the process of designing her own merch either for the comeback or the Japanese tour that is set for October.

ONCEs immediately filled the comment section with ideas and suggestions of the fan goods they would like to buy. The objects ranged from practical items – like slippers, pajamas, and T-shirts – to USB sticks with Sana’s voice recordings.

Now, you might think that a particularly passionate fan asked for that USB drive, but, actually, the request was made by none other than Sunmi herself!

Lastly, the star of yesterday’s video teaser, Jeongyeon, uploaded a photo from the shooting. The caption reads: “Our ONCE are so cute! You must be so curious right now… I wish [September] 23 would come faster hahahh”

Miss Yoo seems to be having so much fun while reading all the fans’ comments about spoilers and comeback theories, and we can’t help but think that she might have also been lurking on Twitter. We’ll never know for sure, but wouldn’t it be amazing if she came across our posts?

TWICE’s next video teaser is due in less than an hour, so stay tuned for the update of our special Comeback Countdown article, where you can find all the comeback info and teasers in one place.

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