[TWICE] Momo Promotes New Album Ahead Of Comeback

Who needs fan accounts and YouTubers to upload unboxing videos when you stan TWICE, the queens of spoilers?

After gradually giving away the lyrics and the choreography starting with their speech at SOBA back in August, TWICE now decided to show us all three versions of the new album.

Earlier today, September 22, Momo did a VLive just to let us know what they prepared for tomorrow’s comeback. 

Firstly, she showed us two of her photocards from the album: one with her forehead and the other with her bangs. Needless to say, Stan Twitter was thrilled!

Then she revealed all three versions of Feel Special: white (A), blue (B) and brown (C). As many fans already guessed, the first series of the teaser photos will be included in the white version, the second series in the blue version and the last one in the version C. 

She also briefly commented about the new songs. “21:29” is her favorite one (isn’t it everyone’s?) and we just got that much more eager to finally hear it. Who else thinks that “21:29” deserves a music video?

Although Momo seemed to be really tired (she just finished her Hello Counselor pre-recording earlier), she still went to a dance practice right after the video ended. 

Last teaser will probably be released in less than two hours, so make sure to check it out in our Comeback Countdown article

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