[TWICE] Momo & Sana Finally Share Footage From Hawaii Trip

It’s been four months since their trip and the video is finally here!

Long time ago, Momo promised that she would soon share the video from her trip to Hawaii with Sana. The duo traveled there secretly during their time off back in May, but our main dancer sure took her time to edit the video.

The clip starts with Sana and Momo going to Incheon Airport. Sana says that they have been wanting to go traveling all together for a long time, but it’s really difficult to match all nine members’ schedules. That’s why the two of them decided to go alone, until a better opportunity for a group trip comes around.

Momo adds that this is really the first time they go abroad without their managers and they don’t really have any plans. It’s all on the spur of the moment!

After that, the two thirds of J-line show us what they did during the short trip. After some shopping and fried chicken for lunch, the duo went to a swimming pool. They also briefly showed us the amazing night view from the restaurant where they had dinner. Allegedly, it was a famous restaurant called “Top of Waikiki” that offers 360° panoramic view of the island. Rich queens only!

It would have been nice to see them give surfing a try as well, but unfortunately Momo didn’t include that in her video (so far). Who knows, maybe we’ll get to see them demonstrate their surfing skills next time they go to Hawaii or some other surfing paradise.

ONCE, stay tuned for more TWICE-related content soon.

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