[TWICE] New CF For DX Is Out Now + Momo’s Promotional Video

Update (Jan. 2)

Almost two months after Tzuyu’s promo video was released, DX uploaded a new individual clip, this time featuring Momo.

The game is all about weapons and shooting, but TWICE’s main dancer made it seem like it was an a for a top dance competition with her flawless dancing skills!

Update (Nov. 5)

DX have just shared the first individual promotional video for the game and Tzuyu is the first member whose video was revealed.

Take a look at Tzuyu throwing that paper plane just like you’d expect it from our strong Tzugolas.

Original article (Oct. 31)

Following the release of TWICE’s first CF for the mobile game on October 8, DX shared a behind-the-scenes video with some new scenes which led everyone to believe that the second video was on the way.

Fans guessed it right and the second CF for DX: War of the New Century featuring TWICE was released earlier today (Oct. 31).

Check out the video here:

DX: War of the New Century is the seventh video game that TWICE have promoted so far (find the full list of the games here).

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