TWICE On Idol Room & Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time

On October 1, TWICE appeared on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time to talk about their new music and teamwork. 

Choi Hwajung first asked the girls a burning question about their new title track and the idea behind it. The label had already announced that “Feel Special” was written by Park Jinyoung, but the MC asked the members to reveal more details about the whole writing process.

Jihyo confirmed that the members talked about it with the label’s founder over dinner. Park Jinyoung asked the girls to tell him about their recent hardships and Nayeon said that they had an honest conversation which inspired him to write the touching lyrics.

The MC then touched upon TWICE’s teamwork. The group’s leader explained again that since the girls all live together and spend more time with each other than with their own family members, they can’t help but get annoyed or even angry with each other sometimes. However, Jihyo pointed out that the key to their successful teamwork is understanding each other. She added that when that occurs, they just say: “Ah, this member’s personality is like this” and it helps them deal with the situation calmly.

Other members expressed their opinions as well. Tzuyu said that as long as they’re willing to understand each other, they can work together really well. Jeongyeon mentioned that the members are really honest with each other, and Nayeon added that they never bottle up their feelings; they express it all easily if they’re hurt. The nine members also make sure to convey feelings of gratitude to each other a lot, and Chaeyoung said that they talk a lot to each other in general.

After the interview ended, we got to see some high quality pictures from the studio. Tzuyu changed her hair color to what she calls “denim navy” and uploaded photos of herself and Chaeyoung on Twicetagram. The maknae line show the love they have for each other all the time, so a part of the caption reads: “Chaeyoung’s expressions were so cute that I had to upload these photos.”

Later, at 6:30 pm KST, the second episode of Idol Room featuring TWICE aired on JTBC. Their segment lasted for about 20 minutes before they moved on to Everglow and Dreamcatcher.

TWICE members briefly played a game in which the loser ended up with whipped cream smeared all over her face. Just like in the previous episode, Jihyo won against all members. While Jihyo was busy competing against Sana and Jeongyeon, Momo and Chaeyoung went to the side and started eating pieces of toast that were shown in the first episode. TWICE’s resident foodie seemed totally unbothered while the remaining members kept losing to the leader. 

Jihyo was then officially proclaimed the winner and was gifted the show’s signature pink shirt, officially making her the 17th member of Doni & Koni’s Idol 999 group.

TWICE are set to appear on tomorrow’s episode of MBC’s Show Champion, so stay tuned for more updates!

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