TWICE Perform At LDF And Show Off New Hair Colors

Ever since the news of TWICE filming a comeback MV started circulating on Twitter a few days ago, ONCEs have been speculating about the new concept and, of course, new hair colors that always mark a new TWICE era. The rumors started when some fans spotted the girls outside JYP Entertainment’s building and everyone was quick to notice Dahyun’s brand-new dark blue hair color.

ONCEs hardly had the chance to take in the news before a fan-taken photo of Tzuyu sporting ash blue hair appeared online, officially throwing ONCEs into a frenzy. Finally, a lucky fan managed to snap a few photos of the group arriving at the KSPO Dome today and here you can even see Jeongyeon’s new hairstyle. 

Following ITZY’s performance, the sunbae group took the stage at “2019 Lotte Duty Free Family Concert” and blessed all fans with performances of “Fancy”, “What is Love?”, and “BDZ”, before taking a short break to greet the audience. “Yes or Yes” was up next, followed by the ultimate summer bop “Dance The Night Away”, which marked the end of their part of the concert. 

Great job, TWICE and ONCE!

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