TWICE Reveal Teasers For Japanese Comeback


JYPE just stepped up their game and released the second teaser for “Fake & True”.

If we were to define “Fake & True” in one sentence, we’d say that “FANCY” and “Feel Special” had a child and named it “Fake & True”, but that’s just our opinion.

Unlike the first light and dark teaser that we got earlier today, this video is full of colorful scenes.

First we see OT9 sitting like queens in that pink room before it transitions to Nayeon’s and Sana’s stunning close-ups.

You don’t have to watch the teaser twice to spot the obvious similarities with the teasers for “Feel Special”. Sana might have gone blonde in this video, but she’s still wearing those blue lenses that set Stan Twitter on fire when her “Feel Special” teaser came out in September.

Also, this time she’s the member surrounded by TV screens (just like Jihyo in her “Feel Special” teaser), while Dahyun is seen walking down a corridor with empty painting frames on the walls. She then stops at the end of the corridor when she reaches a biblical-esque painting that we can see at 0:08.

By the end of the video, we also get to hear the chorus sung by Jihyo, and it sure sounds promising!

However, there’s one thing confusing us – Mina is seen at the very beginning of the teaser, when all the members are seen sitting in those pink chairs. But if you take a closer look at the last group dance scene, only eight members are there. We don’t know what this means (if it means anything at all) but we hope that Mina will recover soon and we’re glad that she took part in the recording and filming for the new album.

P.S. There’s something with TWICE and corridors in their 2019 MVs: “FANCY”, “HAPPY HAPPY” and “Breakthrough” all start with camera zooming in along a corridor and now, Dahyun’s scene in “Fake & True” teaser is also filmed in a similar way.

We’ll just leave the three MVs here for your reference:


On October 17, JYP Entertainment shared the first video teaser for TWICE’s upcoming Japanese album &TWICE that will be released on November 20.

Check out the first teaser for the title track “Fake & True” here:

ONCE, doesn’t this video remind you of all the teasers that we got for “Feel Special” just last month? This seems just like it, but better!

The dual light and dark concept is evident in the video and it might be related to the whole fake and true narrative of the group’s next title track. Hopefully, TWICE will reveal more teasers soon.

In the meanwhile, you can check out the “Feel Special” video teasers here and read more about TWICE here.

Stay tuned for updates.

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