TWICE Reveal Full Tracklist + Songwriter Tzuyu

After JYP Entertainment shocked everyone with Sana’s badass video teaser last night, today the agency revealed the full tracklist for the upcoming album.

Check out their Tweet below:

On Tuesday it was revealed that the “Feel Special” title track was written and co-composed by Park Jinyoung himself and today we found out all the info about the remaining five songs that were all written or co-written by TWICE members.

So, let’s start!

Track #2 – “Rainbow”

ONCE speculated a lot about which member might have written this song, but did you expect it to be Nayeon? We didn’t see that coming either.

Track #3 – “Get Loud”

On Tuesday a fan jokingly posted on Twitter and said that the title of this song definitely suits Jihyo the most. Turns out, that ONCE was right!

Track #4 – “Trick It”

Another surprise for most fans! Many suspected that Sana or Momo wrote this song, but now we know that Dahyun is the member behind it.

Track #5 – “Love Foolish”

Did Momo write a breakup song?
We’ll have to wait until September 23 to know for sure, but it sure seems like it.

Track #6 – “21:29”

Arguably the song that caused the most buzz in the fandom! Everyone has a theory about what the numbers might symbolize and what’s the hidden meaning behind the name.

Things just got more interesting now when it was revealed that apparently ALL members participated in the writing process!

You know what that means, right? Songwriter Tzuyu is about to make her debut!

Lastly, the Korean version of TWICE’s July single “Breakthrough” will also be included on the album. The Japanese single was such a bop and we can’t wait to hear what the Korean version will sound like.

Stay tuned for more news on TWICE’s upcoming comeback because JYPE will keep revealing more information. Jihyo’s teaser should be revealed already at 12 a.m. KST and you can find out all about it in our special Comeback Countdown article: Part 1 & Part 2. 

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