TWICE Share Season’s Greetings Photos With Inspiring Captions

November 13

The photos of TWICEs’ three eldest members – Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Momo – are finally here!

Let’s take a look at their photos and captions:

Nayeon: “I waited for this moment.”

Jeongyeon: “We’re creating miracles.”

Momo: “My skills have no limits.”

That’s it, ONCE! JYPE revealed all nine individual photos; which one do you like the most?

November 12

ONCE, we just got a new batch of photos!

Take a look at Mina, Jihyo and Sana as rugby players below:

Sana: “I will take on the chance for the last try.”

Jihyo: “I’m the MVP of the season.”

Mina: “Practice and practice, now it’s the real game.”

ONCE, what do you say about the photos and the girls’ messages?

November 11

TWICE have just shared the first set of pictures for their 2020 Season’s Greetings photo book.

This year, the group has taken on a university rugby team concept, which left many fans surprised.

TWICE has released the photos of the maknae line and, apart from all three members looking all bright and cute, the photos come with some inspiring captions from the girls.

Tzuyu: “Victory is my goal.”

Chaeyoung: “I won’t fall down.”

Dahyun: “I outdo myself.”

ONCE, which motivational message speaks to you the most?

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