[TWICE Showcase] MC Rail, “21:29” Explained & Chaeyoung As Vocalist

TWICE have just finished their “Feel Special” showcase at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.

The members were clearly happy to showcase the new songs and interact with ONCEs. Let’s take a look at the event’s highlights

MC Rail is back in “Rainbow”! Nayeon not only wrote the song, but also gifted the fans with a special rap performance today.

At some point, TWICE decided to explain the meaning behind “21:29”. However, they first needed to decide how to pronounce the name of the song. They couldn’t reach an agreement, so Sana just asked the ONCEs in the audience. In the end, the song will be pronounced as “two-one, two-nine” in Korean.

Nayeon said that the members wrote the lyrics during their “TWICELIGHTS” tour and Jihyo then asked Tzuyu to introduce the song to the fans. The maknae explained that all of them wrote their lines separately and later came together to connect them. According to Tzuyu, the song represents the group’s reply to all the fans’ letters they received throughout their career.

The song is titled “21:29” because they finished writing lyrics at that time and all the members found themselves iin the same room, as they were in the middle of the tour. 

When it comes to “Feel Special”, the members explained that there were some difficulties during the recording. Tzuyu said that the notes keep getting higher with every new comeback, so she always needs to adapt her singing to the new song. Jihyo added that, contrary to their brighter and lighter hits like “What is Love?”, this title song requires them to sing with more feeling because it conveys their personal experiences. 

The unnie line then also complimented Chaeyoung for becoming a vocalist for this comeback – she is the one who sings the opening of the song.

Later on, Chaeyoung also commented that this album feels special because of all the feelings they put into the lyrics. Both her and Nayeon said that usually they worry about the title song’s ranking after the release but this time they are just happy to get their message across.

With this, the girls finished their “Feel Special” showcase. Tomorrow, we’ll get to see their episode of Idol Room and on Thursday they will hold their comeback stage on M Countdown.

If you’re wondering what the lyrics in “Feel Special” might be all about, check out our Comeback Analysis article.

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