[TWICE] “Shy Shy Shy” Explained On TMI News

TWICE is often featured on Korean TV and today was no exception. Their hit song “Cheer Up” was chosen as the “aegyo [song] that every idol needs to know” on today’s episode of Mnet’s TMI News. 

The show’s MCs pointed out that the group has an unrivaled presence and constant record-breaking win streaks on music shows. They briefly mentioned “TT”, “Signal”, “Likey”, “DTNA”, “Yes or Yes” and “FANCY” before they announced “Cheer Up” as their choice for the aegyo song. 

The song went viral in Korea right after its release on April 25, 2016, thanks to the catchy chorus sung by Tzuyu and Sana. Sana’s part – the famous “Shy Shy Shy” – along with her cute hand gestures soon became famous among all Korean celebrities. 

The MCs then said that although “there are people who might not know ‘Cheer Up’, there isn’t a person who doesn’t know about ‘Shy Shy Shy’”. 

The phrase was so popular that even G-Dragon used it as a caption in one of his Instagram posts short after the song was released.

TMI News also showed famous actors, Kim Woobin and Park Seojoon, imitating Sana’s part during their previous TV appearances. 

Fun fact – Sana’s choreography for that part was originally different, and it was later changed into a much cuter form. You can see the old choreography in the video as well.

Right before the video ends, we get to see the touching moment when TWICE won SOTY for “Cheer Up” and the members couldn’t hold their tears.

Stay tuned for more updates on TWICE and their “Feel Special” promotions.

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This is now multiple times I’ve read that I would get an explanation for why this was so popular yet I have yet to see an actual explanation of why this was so popular.


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