TWICE & Stray Kids Spotted At DAY6 Concert


Right after the concert, TWICE uploaded a photo with DAY6 on their offical Instagram account with a sweet message:

We went to DAY6’s concert today!
It was so much fun and we had an early Christmas party. They were amazing!
Good luck with the remaining shows, we will support you in the future as well

Stray Kids also shared a photo with their sunbaes:

Ahh it was just like we expected – we had so much fun jumping around.
Thank you for blessing our ears.
This was like a Christmas gift for us. And we even got to hear “Like A Flowing Wind” live…
There’s no Santa, but there are DAY6 hyungs!!

JYP Nation stans, how sweet are DAY6’s hoobaes?

Original article:

On December 22, DAY6 held their Christmas special concert “The Present” and lucky fans spotted many fellow idols in the audience.

The band’s labelmates, TWICE’s Dahyun and Tzuyu even did a VLIVE broadcast on their way to the concert and said that they were looking forward to their sunbaes’ show. Jeongyeon later joined them along with Tzuyu’s bestie – CLC’s Elkie.

Fans also spotted some of DAY6’s biggest fanboys – Stray Kids’ Seungmin, Felix and Jeongin – who were sitting close to TWICE members.

Today marks DAY6’s third Christmas special concert and they are planning to hold one more show on December 24.

My Day, isn’t it nice to see so many idols support our boys?

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