TWICE Talk About Fans Invading Their Privacy

Last week, during Momo’s birthday special VLIVE, Nayeon, Tzuyu, and her explained why TWICE no longer do broadcasts from their home – because of the fans who would gather around their dorm in hope to see them and attempts of a certain foreign fan to run into Nayeon. The girls ended that part of the VLIVE with a request for fans to respect their privacy, not only for their sake but also because their neighbors were troubled by fans’ presence in the area.

However, it seems that there are still some “fans” out there who don’t care about TWICE’s privacy and go to great lengths just to see the girls in their free time.

Today, November 17, after the group ended their second concert in Miyagi, Japan, Dahyun and Momo did a surprise VLIVE from their van on the way back to their hotel. Unfortunately, they streamed for only five minutes before realizing that someone was following their van and they had to stop the broadcast. Momo wrapped things up with a cute “don’t follow us, please”, but we are sure that they don’t find these situations funny at all.

Let’s hope that everyone will be mindful of the girls’ privacy and there will be no such incidents in the future, especially after TWICE have worked this hard to promote and meet so many ONCEs on tour.

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