TWICE To Release YouTube Originals Docu-series

Back in July, when TWICE suddenly left Korea for Hawaii without any official schedule disclosed, ONCEs racked their brains in an attempt to find out what was suddenly going on and what the nine girls were secretly filming in Honolulu. The theories ranged from a comeback MV filming and “DTNA” Japanese version, to new episodes of TWICE TV, a new commercial film or a variety show. It turns out, all of our guesses were wrong.

On August 19, it was announced that TWICE would soon become the first K-pop girl group to collaborate exclusively with YouTube in order to create a docu-series. The girls are still filming it and, according to a Sports Chosun report, the content is set to be released in the first half of 2020. 

It didn’t take long for the “detective ONCEs” to find the evidence of TWICE members filming  something at different locations during their recently-ended “TWICELIGHTS” world tour, and the fandom is convinced that we will be getting some high quality material from Universal Studios in LA


..and also some never-seen-before clips from the North American part of the tour. According to Billboard, the new series will offer the fans an intimate glimpse into the group’s tour and show all the struggles and obstacles TWICE have overcome on their way to become the leading girl group in K-pop.

We are glad that the mystery of TWICE’s trip to Hawaii has finally been solved and we are totally looking forward to the docu-series. ONCE, how excited are you for this? 🤩

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