[TWICE] Tzuyu’s First Solo Schedule + Fanmeeting Spoiler

Earlier today, October 11, Tzuyu had her first official solo schedule.

TWICE’s youngest member attended a store opening event for the fashion brand COACH in Seoul’s luxurious Shinsegae department store. Check out our stunning maknae in the photos below:

This comes just three weeks after Nayeon had her solo schedule. The group’s eldest member attended a store opening event for the fashion brand Cedric Charlier in Seoul. You can read more about it here.

ONCE, what do you think? Is JYPE hinting at TWICE’s future solo schedules and projects?

As much as we love the members doing everything together, we’d also like to see them explore other possibilities. And, please JYPE, can Tzuyu get those modeling deals that she deserves?

The maknae also did a surprise VLive on her way back home from the event. She proudly stated that it was her first solo schedule and that she enjoyed it. A fan asked her to give some hints about their upcoming Halloween fanmeeting and the members’ costumes.

All TWICE members have kept quiet about it so far, although many ONCEs have tried asking them about the costumes during the recent fan sign events, but Tzuyu finally revealed something today.

After reading the question from a Korean ONCE, she stopped to think for a moment before saying: “Ummm..I’ll be wearing something on my head.”

What could that possibly mean? We can’t really tell yet.

To read more about Tzuyu, click here.

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I think she’ll be Maleficent

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