TWICE Wins 1st Place On ‘Show Champion’

On today’s episode of MBC’s’ Show Champion TWICE performed their latest hit “Feel Special” and got their first music show win for the new title track.

Today’s victory marks TWICE’s 91st music show win!

Here’s a full list of TWICE’s music show wins:

“CHEER UP” – 11 wins
“TT” – 13 wins
“KNOCK KNOCK” – 9 wins
“SIGNAL” – 12 wins
“LIKEY” – 7 wins
“Heart Shaker” – 9 wins
“What Is Love?” – 12 wins
“Dance The Night Away” – 10 wins
“YES OR YES” – 4 wins
“FANCY” – 3 wins
“Feel Special” – 1 win

The group will perform on M Countdown tomorrow as well, so stay tuned for updates!

Show Champion shared a short video of TWICE before the episode aired. The video shows the members expressing gratitude to ONCE for supporting them during their earlier comeback promotions.

They also shared some cute photos:

Finally, you can see today’s performance in the video below:

Congrats to TWICE and ONCE!

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