TWICE x Disney Collab Coming Soon?

Following the release of TWICE’s second full Japanese album &TWICE, the group was spotted today at Tokyo DisneySea, but it seems like the girls weren’t there to just enjoy some free time.

Yesterday (Nov. 19), TWICE were recording for the ABU Song Festival that will be broadcast on December 28, and on November 22 they will appear on Music Station. But according to their official schedule on JYPE’ website, there is nothing more planned for the group today and tomorrow.

Some Japanese ONCEs first spotted the girls with their managers at Disney’s theme park earlier today, but the group then later posted two group photos on their official Japanese Twitter account.

This led many fans to believe that the group was or might be filming something in the park, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

ONCE, do you think that TWICE will do something similar to their previous collab with Kakao?

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