TWICELIGHTS In Kuala Lumpur + Members’ Final Speech

The “Nation’s Girl Group” has just concluded an amazing show for 16,000 fans in Malaysia! Today’s concert in Kuala Lumpur marked the end of this leg of the “TWICELIGHTS” tour, with TWICE holding a total of ten shows in seven countries.

The Malaysian concert was long-awaited, as the one set for last year had suddenly been cancelled due to unexpected circumstances in the venue just one day prior to the event. It therefore comes as no surprise that both TWICE and ONCEs were thrilled for today’s concert.

So, here is our recap of “TWICELIGHTS in Kuala Lumpur”!

The night started off with a medley of “Stuck In My Head”, “Cheer Up” and “Touchdown”, and TWICE looked stunning in all-black outfits. During the initial greeting, they promised that the night would be all about lights and colorful concepts. The black concept stage then continued with a Korean version of “BDZ” and “Yes or Yes”, before switching to a gold concept with “I Want You Back” and a powerful remix of “Dance The Night Away”.

The girls then briefly left the stage, only to come back wearing elegant white dresses, and the ONCEs in the audience immediately switched their Candybongs to Mina’s mint green. As TWICE started singing “After Moon” in the middle of the green Candybong ocean, some fans also raised their custom-made Miguin lights. Talk about dedication! As expected from ONCEs. 

Afterwards, Jihyo addressed the audience: “It’s the first time to show you our stage for ‘After Moon’ and it’s nice to be so close to you, ONCE!” Dahyun added, pointing to the audience: “It’s Mina unnie’s color, right?”  

Next up were  “Look At Me”, “Sunset” and a short portion of “Heartshaker” before the girls left the stage again to change into red outfits.  “Strawberry” and “Woohoo” were the next red-concept songs, preceding unit performances of Beyoncé’s “Dance For You”, Taemin’s “Goodbye”, and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”. 

Dahyun, Sana and Tzuyu lit up the atmosphere with their performance of Beyoncé’s 2011 hit before Momo and Jihyo took the stage, giving off a cool, soothing vibe with “Goodbye”, and finally, Chaeyoung, Nayeon and Jeongyeon wowed the audience with their rendition of “Born This Way”. 

During the intermission, Sana and Dahyun once again made Tzuyu demonstrate the sexy moves from “Dance For You”, before leaving the stage to the next subunit – Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Jeongyeon. All of a sudden, Chaeyoung decided to throw some shade at some of her fellow members. When asked why she chose Nayeon and Jeongyeon for the “Born This Way” unit stage, the “baby beast” said: “I selected them because they are the prettiest members of the group.” Needless to say, the remaining five members weren’t that happy about it, while Nayeon and Jeongyeon wore smug smiles.

Next up was TWICE’s famous cute concept, and this time the girls appeared wearing pink – the final color of the night. They performed “Turn It Up” and, finally, the well-known sequence of the group’s top hits: “Likey”, “What Is Love?”, “Like OOH-AHH”, “TT”, and “Fancy” with an energetic dance break. Rumor has it the girls spoiled the next comeback during the “TT” intro today, but we didn’t see anything. 😏

After the performances ended, the TWICE Fan Union’s surprise project started. A short video with “Be As One” as background music was played and it showed Malaysian ONCEs jumping for joy when the Kuala Lumpur stop was announced.

The members then started greeting ONCEs one by one, and the leader was the first one to address the fans. Check out their comments below! 

“I still remember how we felt last year. I was in my hotel room, thinking about what the concert next day would be like, but all of a sudden, we heard that it was cancelled. Is there anyone here who came to see us last year? I’m so grateful that you came again today. It’s already been a year. As I could feel from the video we’ve seen just now, I see how much you’ve waited for this moment. I am sorry for making you wait so long and thank you so much for coming. Will you come again next time?”


“You really waited for a long time, right? I wasn’t okay [last year]. We were also very shocked to find out that the concert was cancelled. It’s really good to be back in Malaysia for the last stop of our “TWICELIGHTS” tour. Thank you so much for waiting for so long. I really felt connected to all of you here..I am really grateful and I will miss seeing you until we meet again. Thank you so much, ONCEs!”


“The video was so touching. Although Mina unnie isn’t here today, I really feel as if she were with us now thanks to your Candybong lights.” Concluding her part of the speech, she thanked ONCEs for waiting and coming today.


“I can definitely feel how much you’ve waited for us and I am really grateful. And because we also waited for so long, this show will be memorable to us as well. I hope to see you all again next year.”


“Finally we got the chance to perform here. I watched you while you sang along to our songs and it made me so happy! We’ll make sure to work even harder for you guys. Thank you for always giving us good energy that makes us become even better performers!”


“Last year I gave you my word [to be back] and now it came true. And I would like to make another promise today – we will come back again. So, until we meet again, please stay healthy.”


“ONCE, thank you so much for waiting for us! Thank you for loving us and worrying about us! I feel amazing thanks to you and I am glad I was able to make you happy today! ” She also thanked the fans in Chinese, Malay and English – we stan multilingual queen!


“Thank you so much for coming today! You made us so proud and happy. And since our new album is going to be out soon, we promise to come back to Malaysia with new songs.”


Nayeon then announced the last moment of the show: TWICE’s group photo on stage. And just like during their previous shows, Jihyo and Sana left a gap for Mina between them. 

Finally, the night ended with the girls sending the audience off with performances of “Knock Knock” and “Stuck”.

We hope that the girls get plenty of rest before their next schedule on August 22. ONCEs, you can swing by our page then for a review of TWICE’s performance at Soribada Best K-Music Awards. We are sure that the girls have something special in store for us!

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