TWICELIGHTS in Sapporo: Mina’s Participation & New Japanese Songs

Today’s “TWICELIGHTS” concert in Sapporo was a night of many firsts for TWICE.

The show marked the first out of 15 concerts that the group is planning to hold in Japan before they close the world tour on February 23, 2020

OT9, OT8 or OT7? 

Just before the concert started today, JYPE issued a statement and explained that Chaeyoung will sit out today’s concert due to health reasons. With that and Mina still being on a break from the group’s activities, TWICE were left with seven members to kick off the Japanese leg of the tour.

However, Mina made a surprise appearance on stage right at the beginning of the concert, throwing everybody in the audience into a frenzy. Although she didn’t participate in the games or the talk segments during the intermissions, Mina performed all the songs with the rest of the members.

ONCE, do you remember how Chaeyoung sang Mina’s lines during their comeback promotions for “Feel Special”? Well, Mina stepped in today and covered Chaeyoung’s parts during the show. TWICE’s teamwork is on a whole other level!


Let’s move onto today’s setlist!

Although the Sapporo concert is still a part of the “TWICELIGHTS” world tour, the group has changed the setlist significantly for today’s show.

For the first time, TWICE performed the Japanese singles they released back in June – “HAPPY HAPPY” and “Breakthrough” – as well as the title track from the group’s second Japanese full album:  “Fake & True”. During the intermission, Sana announced that although &TWICE album will be released on November 20, they will still perform some of the songs featured on it tonight. Lucky fans in the audience got the chance to hear “What You Waiting For” and “The Reason Why” ahead of the album release!

Besides the Japanese songs, TWICE also performed many of their Korean hits, and Japanese ONCEs screamed the fanchants in Korean as well. “Feel Special”, “Yes or Yes”, “Dance The Night Away” and “Likey” are just some of the songs that the girls performed in Sapporo.

The show has just ended after more than two and a half hours, and the group’s next stop is “TWICELIGHTS in Chiba” on October 27.

We wish Chaeyoung a speedy recovery and hope to see an OT9 stage soon!


A few hours after the concert ended, the girls took to Twitter to thank everyone for coming today:

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