TWICE’s Chaeyoung Gets New Tattoo (Again)

There’s no stopping Chaeyoung when it comes to getting new tattoos!

TWICE’s baby beast first appeared with her “strawberry lips” tattoo on her wrist back during their “TWICELIGHTS” tour in June. She never discussed or commented on the topic publicly, but many fans believe that she got the tattoo during her vacation in Barcelona.

Most fans really liked the tattoo and even praised Chaeyoung for getting one, as it is still seen as something unusual in K-pop, especially when it comes to female idols. 

However, no one expected her to get more tattoos soon. On August 16, the group was spotted at Incheon Airport on their way to Malaysia, and Chaeyoung had three new tattoos: a cherry tomato, carrots and a “shot through the heart”.

Then at SOBA, new tattoos appeared on her fingers but those were not permanent. ONCEs calmed down a bit after that, but Stan Twitter exploded again just earlier, during the “Feel Special” showcase.

Chaeyoung was spotted on the stage with a band-aid covering her left elbow. Thanks to the fan sites, we soon got the photos of the fresh tattoo:

It seems like some kind of a fish but fans are still trying to discover the meaning behind it. For now, we can only guess what it means to Chaeyoung and we hope that one day she proudly shows us all her tattoos on Twicetagram.

If you’re curious about what else happened during their showcase today, check out our TWICE Showcase recap article.

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