TWICE’s Chaeyoung Shares Heartfelt Letter For ONCE

Moments ago, Chaeyoung shared a handwritten note on Instagram in celebration of 1,500 days since TWICE‘s debut.

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Here is the full translation of the letter:

Hi! I have been wanting to write a handwritten letter for a long time.
It’s already been 1,500 days since our debut.
I was surprised that time had passed so fast and I thought back to our debut.
I always worry if I’m doing enough, but then I receive so much support and energy from ONCE and from my members [and feel better].

I’ve been reading a lot of fan letters lately, and they always use the word “idol”. I wondered whether I deserve to be called that, but then realized that I should try harder and show a better side of myself; I don’t want to disappoint you.
I know that I am not a perfect person, but I’m not trying to be.

I want to thank the fans who support TWICE and I hope that you spend every day happily.

Thank you 😊


Last year, when TWICE did their “1,000 days since debut” VLIVE, they promised us another broadcast for 1,500 days, but unfortunately they’ve been too busy to do it this time around. The girls flew to Japan earlier today but Chaeyoung still made sure to let the fans know how much she loves them.

ONCE, just how thoughtful is our baby beast to write this letter? 💓

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Love her so much <3

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