TWICE’s Chaeyoung Talks About Concept Change And Self-expression

Less than a week after she almost killed all ONCEs with her new tattoos, Chaeyoung once again proved her uniqueness among K-pop idols in quite an outspoken interview with GQ Korea. 

Following a photo shoot in which she showed a fierce image in all black outfits, Chaeyoung said: “I have a cute image since I debuted at a very young age and I am almost the youngest member of TWICE, but I think I suit this strong image as well.”

She then added that she had previously cut her hair short (“Signal” era anyone?) and personalised quite a lot of her items because she wanted to express herself freely. She also mentioned Kristen Stewart, who wore Converse shoes with her dress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, and stated that just like one of her favorite actresses she also wanted to become a person who breaks the unspoken rules. And although idols are usually perceived as cute or pretty, Chaeyoung wants to broaden that image and be able to express herself freely, in different ways. 

The “baby beast” also brought up the group’s concept change that came four years into their career with their most recent comeback – “Fancy”. She called the song “TWICE’s turning point” as the song bears a strong message that the nine girls suit not only cute and pretty, but also an energetic and sexy, more mature image. “The message of this song is that we have a lot more to offer and that is why I cherish this album the most”, she said. 

Chae’s full photo shoot and interview will be available in the September issue of GQ Korea. Meanwhile, you can see some of the photos in the post down below, as Chaeyoung shared them on the group’s official Instagram account with a sweet message: “@gq_korea thank you for giving me this opportunity!”

Not long after Chaeyoung posted this, the group’s official Twitter account shared four more photos – two from her photo shoot for OhBoy! magazine in March and two from the photo shoot for GQ Korea. The caption below the photos reads: “Chaeyoung, who has grown so much in just half a year”.

We at TheStandom agree that Chaeyoung, as well as the rest of TWICE members, are doing an amazing job! We can’t wait to see what they’ve prepared for their next comeback and all the ways in which Chaeyoung will “express herself freely”. 

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