TWICE’s Dahyun, DAY6 And More Attend Stray Kids’ Concert

In less than an hour, Stray Kids will kick off Day 2 of their “District 9: Unlock” world tour and STAYs attending the show have already spotted many famous idols in the audience.

A fan first shared photos of DAY6 members who came to show support to their hoobaes although they just flew back from the Philippines last night.

Another STAY also spotted TWICE’s Dahyun and Sana sitting nearby. The girls are currently resting following their return from Japan and it seems that the two members decided to show how much they support Stray Kids.

2PM’s Nichkhun is reportedly also in the audience although no photos of him have appeared online yet.

STAY, how amazing is it to see JYP Nation cheering for Stray Kids?

In case you missed Stray Kids’ concert yesterday, here is our recap article with the complete setlist, including new songs.

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