TWICE’s Dahyun Thanks Fans For Meaningful Contributions

It is a well-known fact in the fandom that ONCE are good at multitasking and watching multiple V Lives simultaneously, but did you know that they excel in maths?

Earlier today, a fan union called “Dahyun’ Gallery” calculated that September 11 marks 7,777 days since Dahyun was born and they decided to celebrate the special day by making a meaningful contribution.

Dahyun posted a thank-you message on the group’s official Instagram account to express her gratitude to the fans:

“ONCE! I’m so touched! Thanks to you, I just found out that it’s been 7,777 days since my birth. Every little thing that ONCEs do becomes a source of happiness!”

The fan union donated a total of 1,528,000 Korean won (~1,300 USD) to a childcare center in Seoul and provided 130 children with special meals from July 12 to August 8. 

This is not the first time that TWICE’s fans create a positive fan culture and contribute to the community. Tzuyu previously held the “Charity Angel” title for seven consecutive months from December 2018 through June 10, thanks to the fans who donated in her name.

Aren’t ONCE as gentle and caring as TWICE girls themselves?

Also, did you notice something interesting about the amount donated? 😏 

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