TWICE’s Late September Comeback Confirmed

Earlier today, August 26, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE would be making a comeback in late September, but the exact date is yet to be determined. The group is currently in Japan for Shibuya Note recording and the “Breakthrough” Hi-Touch event but the girls are expected to continue with comeback preparations after the Japanese schedule is over.

With this new information from the agency and Tzuyu’s spoiler from yesterday (see the photos below) is it safe to assume that the comeback is set for September 23?

Not long after the comeback notice was issued, JYP Entertainment also addressed the question of Mina’s current health condition and participation in the upcoming promotions. The agency stated that nothing had been decided yet and that Mina’s recovery was their first priority. Mina has been absent from TWICE’s schedules since July 11 and was last seen entering Korea with her mother accompanying her on August 1. JYP Entertainment has yet to reveal the reason for her sudden return and clarify whether she participated in the comeback preparations. 

Stay tuned for more updates on TWICE’s comeback and Mina’s condition!

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