TWICE’s Mina Appears At Sapporo Concert

Mina has been on a break from TWICE’s activities since July in order to focus on her recovery and rest.

However, she made a surprise appearance at TWICE’s Halloween fan meeting that took place on October 20 – the group’s fourth debut anniversary. Although she didn’t participate in the games or the talk portion of the event, Mina still joined the members on stage during performances.

JYPE then announced that she still hasn’t recovered completely and that her attending the fan meeting does not indicate that she will return full time soon.

But then, the fans attending today’s “TWICELIGHTS” in Sapporo, Japan, were shocked when Mina suddenly joined the remaining seven members (Chaeyoung is sitting out today’s show) on stage!

Mina is currently on stage with the rest of the group, but it seems that she will not participate in the ments, focusing on the performances instead.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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