TWICE’s Mina Returns To Perform At Debut Anniversary Fan Meeting

It’s Mina’s first performance after more than three months!

Today, October 20, marks TWICE’s fourth debut anniversary.

To celebrate this special day, the group has organized their second ONCE Halloween fan meeting and the first part of the event already started at 1 p.m. KST.

What no one expected was for Mina to join her fellow members on stage. While the eight members all wore costumes, Mina joined them wearing a purple dress and introduced herself just like “Myoui Mina from TWICE”.

The fans in the audience were thrilled to see Mina perform after a long time, even though she didn’t stay on stage during the talk portion of the event. However, she went on stage once again later and performed “Love Foolish” with the rest of the group.

In the photos below, you can see Nayeon and Sana support and encourage Mina during the performance:

It’s amazing how much love these nine girls have for each other!

While we’re waiting for more updates on TWICE’s fan meeting, you can read more about the group and the members’ solo activities here.

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