[TWICE] Nayeon’s First Solo Schedule?

TWICE’s fourth debut anniversary is just around the corner and fans have been wondering for a while when the members will start with solo activities.

JYP Entertainment has successfully branded TWICE as a group where each member gets an equal amount of spotlight and exposure, and OT9 have broken sales and views records countless times.

“Pretty girl next to a pretty girl next to a pretty girl…” earned themselves numerous sponsorship deals as a nine-member group even though such deals are usually given to the member(s) officially in charge of the group’s “visuals”.

TWICE members’ synergy and teamwork is truly admirable, but the time for solo activities will inevitably come, as the group is slowly shifting their image towards a more mature one. Fans have already noticed a change in concept when the group returned with “FANCY” in April and the girls also commented that they wanted to experiment more with different music styles and concepts. July brought us “HAPPY HAPPY” and “Breakthrough”, the songs that definitely confirmed that TWICE have it in them to pull off both cute and sexy concepts.  

The group’s next comeback holds a promise of an even more mature TWICE if we were to judge by all the teasers that have been released so far. In addition, we have all the B-sides written by members themselves, and a song “21:29” holds a special meaning to both TWICE and ONCE, since all nine members wrote lyrics for it. The title song itself, although we’ve only seen a brief intro, seems like the first of its kind for the group. The whole comeback in general gives off luxurious vibes and the girls are even more stunning than usual in their teaser photos and videos (no shade to previous TWICE eras, though!). 

Earlier today, Nayeon was spotted attending a store opening event for the fashion brand Cedric Charlier in Seoul. During the event, she greeted the reporters and briefly introduced the brand. You can see her in the video below:

TWICE haven’t been chosen as the brand’s ambassadors, so this appearance came as a surprise to many fans. Some TWICE members had previously attended similar events separately (Tzuyu, Jihyo, and Nayeon for Estée Lauder ), but the whole group still ultimately signed the deal with the brand.

Will we see more TWICE members getting their own schedules soon? Modeling, variety shows, dramas, song collabs… The possibilities are endless.

While we are waiting for more news on TWICE, you can check out our Comeback Countdown for all the teasers.

If you want to know more about TWICE’s Feel Special album, we’ve got you covered: 

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