TWICE’s Rebel Maknae Reveals New Tattoos

Last June Chaeyoung became TWICE’s first member to get a tattoo and fans totally lost it when the “baby beast” appeared on a concert with the now famous “strawberry lips” tattoo on her wrist. What no one expected then was for Chaeyoung to add new tattoos any time soon, but that is exactly what happened!

Earlier today, TWICE were seen at Incheon Airport on their way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the next stop of their “TWICELIGHTS” world tour, set for August 17. Fan sites were quick to spot something quite unusual on Chaeyoung’s shoulder – a cherry tomato tattoo! But ONCEs didn’t even have time to take a breather before RED POINT masternim revealed photos of two more tattoos – one on her neck and the other on her forearm. The first one shows a “shot through the heart” (Yes, Chaeyoung, we got that song reference 😏 ) and the second one consists of four tiny carrots. 

While no one is sure how and why Chaeyoung decided to go for these unusual tattoos, fans are convinced that by this time next year Chaeyoung will look like this: 

Oh, and don’t forget to check out this video where TWICE’s grandma, Nayeon, was seen admiring the rebel girl’s new tattoos: 

ONCEs, when do you think we can expect more surprises from Chaeyoung?

UPDATE: Chaeyoung got a new tattoo and you can check it out in this article.

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