TWICE’s Sana Spoils Mysterious Filming

TWICE have recently been busy not only with flying in and out of Japan for their “TWICELIGHTS” tour, but they also managed to film a CF for Estée Lauder and for the mobile game DX: War of the New Century.

Their next shows are to take place in Osaka on November 6 and 7, so fans have been hoping that the girls will get some well-deserved rest before the concerts, but today (Nov. 3), Sana revealed that they are actually filming something again.

Sana joined the VLive chat and revealed that she can’t turn on the video because they were in the middle of filming. Unfortunately, she hasn’t revealed any more details about it, but knowing that all TWICE members are spoiler queens, we can expect them to drop some more hints about the mysterious filming soon.

ONCE, what do you think TWICE might be filming now?

If you missed MoTzu’s VLive yesterday, you can find out more about the gifts they received from a famous brand here, and click here to see Jeongyeon and Tzuyu at Louis Vuitton’s event.

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