TWICE’s Surprise Appearance At Estée Lauder’s New Product Launch Event

On the evening of August 13, TWICE members Jihyo, Nayeon and Tzuyu appeared at a special event “#TheNightIsYours”, held by Estée Lauder Korea. The surprise appearance came less than a month after the group became official ambassadors of Estée Lauder’s #DoubleWear product line.

The trio posed for cameras while holding the brand’s new products – you can check it out on Estée Lauder’s Instagram stories – and fans were particularly amazed by their maknae’s new hairstyle. ONCEs quickly took to Twitter to celebrate the “redebut” of Tzuyu’s bangs and everyone hopes that she won’t be changing her hairstyle any time soon. 

You can see our girls looking super classy here

ONCEs, what do you think about Tzuyu’s new, doll-like look? 

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