[TXT] Soobin And Yeonjun Address Their Haters

Today, January 26, Soobin and Yeonjun decided to make our Sunday just a bit better by going live.

The boys were their usual funny and cheerful selves during the majority of the broadcast, but they did touch upon a somewhat more serious topic.

Soobin started by saying that he really wants to give back all the love they continue to receive from their fans. He said that the boys don’t want wish anything bad upon their haters, but that they also don’t want to convince them that they deserve their love and support.

He continued by saying that, although he sees many bad things written about him and sometimes mees people who don’t like them, he tries not to care about it and instead he focuses on good and positive things.

Before they finished their broadcast, Soobin added that he thinks Yeonjun is very cool and that he always helped him when things got rough.

Yeonjun, being the sweetheart that he is, said that all the members work really hard and that they have been giving us their best ever since they debuted.

We stan such hardworking, mature kings!

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Do not give up. Love you all so much. <3 Fighting!

Does anyone else ship them so hard?

yes 😌

Haters are everywhere,
But do not give up, this is your frist thing to collect the stones and build up a tower so that nobody can teach you, one day you all will be in higher,..,… Moa’s always there for you

yes,that is true MOA’S will always support yiu TxT💜

TxT works really hard. They have gained this much progress in such a less time. Hats of TxT. I hope you get more successful in the future. Best of luck

Exactly we love that mindset fighting TXT.

Por esto es que los amo tanto ❤❤❤

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