TXT VLive – Birthday Cakes And Group Dynamics

Even though the boys have had a rough month filled with pesky infectious eye diseases which hindered them from making a comeback, they still make sure to give us the content that we so crave.

Today, September 14, all five of them went on V Live.

The boys were just chilling, sitting on a couch eating, when Soobin disappeared for a minute or two. We instantly knew something was up because Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai kept looking somewhere off camera. Meanwhile, Yeonjun was still obliviously munching on his food. All of a sudden, Soobin came back with a mini birthday cake for Yeonjun and the boys started singing Happy Birthday to him! Even though it came a day late, we’re glad to see that Yeonjun got his song. If you remember, in a V Live he did with Taehyun four days ago, he said he was sad he won’t get to hear MOA sing him Happy Birthday like he hoped, since the health issues pushed the boys’ comeback from late August to late October. You can read our recap of that V Live here.

Anyways, since the boys caught him off guard, Yeonjun had his mouth full when it was time to blow out his candles, which made for such an adorable moment.

We found out that his wish was related to their comeback, but Yeonjun refused to tell what he wished for. Big Hit’s orders or the superstition that if you say what you wished for, it won’t come true? We’re guessing it’s a combination of both.

He also thanked MOA for sending him so many Happy Birthday wishes. He said he kept checking the comments and posts, and he even said he saw the birthday hashtags that were trending.

Another memorable moment from the V Live was when the boys discussed their roles within the group. After some deliberation it was decided that Soobin is the mom, a role he gladly accepted, Yeonjun is the dad, Taehyun is the older kid, Beomgyu is the younger one and the actual maknae Hueningkai is the family puppy.

Do you think these roles suit them? Would you change anything? Let us know down below!

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