TXT’s Taehyun Encourages Fans To Share Their Worries With Him

At just 17 years old (international age), TXT’s Taehyun has once again proved to be extremely mature and caring. Today, December 21 he tweeted the following:

Everything from small worries to big worries! MOAs, if you use this hashtag and post on Twitter (or Weverse if it’s too long) about what’s currently worrying you, then Taehyunie will think it over with you!


The hashtag in question – #태현이의_고민상담소 – translates to #Taehyunies_AdviceCenter.

In the first half an hour after the initial tweet, the hashtag has already risen to no. 1 in Korea, and it’s slowly making its way onto the worldwide trending list.

We sincerely applaud Taehyun for sparking this kind of conversation and we hope that every MOA who included the hashtag in their tweet will find someone to talk to about their worries 🙂

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Our smarty Taehyun baby. <3

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