[EXO] Chen’s Self-Composed Heart4U OST Is Out Now

The Nation’s Vocalist is not done for the year just yet!

UPDATE (December 19)

6 pm KST

Chen’s Heart4U original soundtrack “Beautiful” is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music

…and Korean streaming services!

12 am KST

The music video for “Beautiful”, featuring a variety of clips from Chen’s Heart4U series, has officially dropped.

Enjoy Jongdae’s soothing vocals below, until the song becomes available for download on all digital platforms later today.

Soondingies, what do you think?

Original article

EXO’s Chen will be releasing “Beautiful” (아름다워), the original soundtrack of his Heart4U series, on December 19 at 6 pm KST.

Jongdae has been sharing his summer busking tour and musical journey on this reality show for months now (33 short episodes available on V LIVE), resulting in the upcoming digital single that he composed alongside his friend and hyung – the talented singer-songwriter Jo Jungchi.

The music video for “Beautiful” will be out 18 hours before the song’s digital release (December 19 at midnight), but you can check out Chen being adorable in the exclusive teaser right now:

Jungchi: Can you say a cheesy ment?

C: You are recording right now, aren’t you?… I missed you~

JC: I’m going to make this part really loud.

C: No, hyung! Please make it super quiet. So that it’s only heard if you really concentrate.

This will be Chen’s first solo release since the Dear my dear comeback in October, and we can’t wait for the “Beautiful” ending to his incredibly successful year as a rookie soloist!

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