Update: GOT7’s BamBam & Mark To Grace Cover Of Vogue Thailand – Bonus Photos


Vogue Thailand has just revealed two extra photos: one featuring BamBam and Yaya, and the other including Mark as well.

We can’t wait for Vogue to release the additional four covers that they promised in their November 19 Twitter post. Stay tuned!

Original article

On November 19, Vogue Thailand shared a cover preview of their January 2020 issue with the caption: “The three superstars that will grace the cover of the January 2020 issue of Vogue Thailand are Yaya, BamBam and Mark. Stay tuned to see four surprise covers soon!”

Yaya (real name Urassaya Sperbund) is a Thai-Norwegian actress and model and we have to say that the trio looks stunning!

Ahgase, don’t you think that the boys’ outfits in this photo resemble the ones they wore during their recent dance practice? It must be their concept for the whole Call My Name era and we totally love it here as well!

What do you think will be their concept for the surprise covers?

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