Watch: 2019 KBS Song Festival Performances

On December 27, some of the biggest K-pop stars who released music in the past year held celebratory performances at the 2019 KBS Gayo Daechukjae, which took place at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Seoul.

Tonight’s MCs were the popular comedian and television host Shin Dongyeob, Red Velvet’s “original visual” Irene, and GOT7’s multitalented Jinyoung. The stellar lineup included: BTS, Red Velvet (Irene and Joy), GOT7, TWICE, MONSTA X, Apink, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, Stray Kids, THE BOYZ, GFriend, ITZY, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, Golden Child, NU’EST, Seventeen, MAMAMOO, Astro, N.Flying, Oh My Girl, WJSN, Everglow, and Chungha.

Check out all the amazing solo, group, and special collaboration stages below (in chronological order)!

Song Gain – “축제이어라”


EVERGLOW – “Adios”

TOMORROW X TOGETHER – “Replay” (SHINee cover), “Run Away”

ITZY – “Bad Girl Good Girl” (Miss A cover), “ICY”

Golden Child – “WANNABE”

Astro – “All Night”, “Blue Flame”

Stray Kids – “Side Effects”, “Double Knot”

Oh Hayoung, Joy, Yerin (OhJungPark) – “Mr. Mr.” (Girls’ Generation cover)

N.Flying – “Rooftop”, “Leave It”

Chungha – “Gotta Go”

WJSN – “As You Wish”

Song Gain feat. MAMAMOO’s Solar – “The Man In Sinsa-dong” (Joo Hyunmi cover), “Fascinating Confession” (Yoon Sooil cover)

Tae Jinah – “Mr. KIM SEONDAL”, “JIN JIN JA RA” (feat. ASTRO)

Song Gain – “Mom Arirang”


Oh My Girl – “Underwater Love”, “The Fifth Season”

Yugyeom, Mingyu, Shownu – “Hip Song” (Rain cover)

+ “Dandelion” (GOT7’s Yugyeom)
+ “Breakdown: madness” (SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu)
+ “We Are Here” (MONSTA X’s Shownu)

NCT 127 – “Superhuman”

GFriend – “Fever”, “Sunrise”

MAMAMOO – “4x4ever”, “HIP”

Irene, Arin, Nayeon, Chorong (Ending Fairies) – “Come To Me” (M.I.L.K. cover)

NU’EST – “Call Me Back”, “LOVE ME”

MONNI, ALi, Min Woohyuk – “Now I Wish It Was So” (Cho Yongpil cover)

SEVENTEEN – “Good to Me”

+ “Trauma” (Rap Team)
+ “Second Life” (Vocal Team)
+ “Shh” (Performance Team)

Jaehyuns Special Stage (NCT 127, N.Flying, THE BOYZ, Golden Child) – “What’s Your Name” (4Minute cover intro) + “Call Me Baby” (EXO cover)

Apink – “Eung Eung (%%)”

MONSTA X – “Alligator”, “Oh My!”, “FOLLOW”

TWICE – “Breakthrough”, “Feel Special”

GOT7 – “Stop Stop It (Remix ver.)”, “You Calling My Name”

BTS – “Go Go”, “HOME”, “Boy With Luv”, “Mikrokosmos”, “Dionysus”

Finally, in celebration of their year-end song festival, KBS gathered all the artists who appeared tonight to record a special project song, produced by the renowned Korean composer Kim Hyungsuk.

The track “The Earth Traveler” is meant to convey not only the dreams and hopes of these K-pop stars, but also warm healing and comfort to everyone who has been working hard for the past year.

Enjoy this epic collaboration below.

All performers – “The Earth Traveler”

All artists really outdid themselves and gave us a truly spectacular night! Which performance was your favorite?

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